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Moving a Couch


Because it is more than just a move.

Just a move?  The amount of preparation and organization required for a seamless move is what we do.  The timing and orderly steps require professional move management for a stress free move.  

Pack, Label, organize items for removal to new location

Coordinate & Managing move & locations for move

Manage pre move & move day activities

Load & unload truck

Direct furniture & box placement

Unpack boxes and put items away

Relocation Management: Services


Coordinating and managing your move is our specialty.  We work with you to develop a custom move plan including creating a move-in design, taking possession of your new residence, managing change of address, utility services and repairs/updates.


We take extra care of your belongings when packing.  We pack everything that is needed for your new place.  Working with our network of professional service partners, we will coordinate and manage the process of packing & moving your belongings from your former residence to your new residence.


Movers will move you.  We will unpack you, taking care with your belongings to put them where they need to be, and remove the mess, to help ease transition anxiety.  We can even make the bed ahd hook up your tv!

Relocation Management: Services
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